recipies Roasts Grass-fed beef should be cooked low and slow. Here is an easy recipe for all the roasts. De thaw the roasts in your fridge overnight. Take the roast out of the package and poke several holes into the roast with a fork or knife. Put a little oil all over the roast to lightly coat the outside. Sprinkle a little pepper and salt (sea salt works great) all over the roast. Put the entire roast into the crock pot and completely the roast cover with beef broth (or any broth you choose). Add an entire chopped onion and a little chopped fresh garlic for flavor. Cook for low on 8 hours

recipies Ground beef Always use a little oil in your pan when cooking the ground beef, veggies are wonderful as well. The beef is so lean and the extra moisture will help. If you make patties from the beef, we find it helpful to use bread crumbs and an egg to help form the patties. Putting the formed patties into the fridge for 20 minutes or so before they are cooked will also help keep them formed.