Locavore Store

Our mission: To nurture a more sustainable health food system to which we all feel connected.

Our Beef: Grassland Graze

We are passionate about producing quality, grass-fed beef. We oversee the chain of events from start to finish (calf- to grass - to beef - to human). We know each stage has its unique importance to the health of the system as a whole. We care deeply about our customer’s connection to their place in this "all natural" grass-based system.

Our Partner Farms

We call farms that contribute to our store "partners". Together we embrace the diversity of seasonality and the difficulties of small farm production. All Partner farms must have a higher calling "beyond organic” guidelines, and must use a sustainable, pasture production model. All local artisans must closely adhere to sustainable inputs and source locally whenever possible.

The Locavore Store

The Store serves as a hub for local farmers, artisans and customers. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible. In addition, we view ourselves as more than just a purveyor of fine products as we create a space where a new relationship with each other and with our food can be formed.

Our Customers/Our Community

We will be continually seeking to strengthen the relationship we have with our community and to improve the lifestyle of our customers and farmers. We strive to be a positive force in changing the way our community interacts with their food.