About us

We started out in 2004 with a mission to provide the highest quality grass-fed beef to our local community. We choose pure bred Angus from a twenty year old closed herd. We believe after almost ten years we have come full circle in the understanding of “the way things are”.

“Our cattle give so much to us, that the least we can do, is provide them with what makes them happiest: grass, sunshine and water.” – Kip Kummerle

What Makes Us Different:

Unlike many other “Grass-fed Producers” all of our animals are produced by us in a closed system using pure-bred genetics. We do not buy unknown cattle at a stock yard or background cattle on grass and call them grass-fed. Our commitment is total – all of our cows and calves are raised in a sustainable relationship to its' native environment with the end purpose of providing a high quality food connection to local customers.

We have come to the conclusion that it is OK that our packages don’t say certified organic. The label has nothing to do with a sustainable grass-based production system. The livestock and dairy industries have adapted to organic by applying that same backward confinement feeding system in which the cattle are viewed in terms of production units. They see no grass, just a feed bunk with corn-based ration designed to make them gain weight as fast as possible. Here at Grassland Graze, we take the small batch, hand-crafted approach. Our product takes twice as long to reach mature weight giving our beef a richer, fuller flavor. Our cattle rarely get sick because they are kept in balance with their environment.